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A mix of open and forest areas.

The Roland arena in Lantsch/Lenz will host the competition center and start/finish area and will be at the heart of all competitions. From here, regular cross-country tracks spread out to the North, West and South which will be complemented with scooter tracks where suitable. The competition area is located between 1350m a.s.l. and 1500m a.s.l and covers coniferous forest, semi-open areas and open areas including a golf park. Visibility in the forest is generally good to moderate. Climbs and descents can be steep. 

Climate & Snow conditions

Winter can be expected.

Good snow conditions can never be garanteed but thanks to the altitude, the Lenzerheide high valley normally sees snow most of the winter. The competition area is exposed to the South and surrounded by mountain ranges which lead to a somewhat drier climate. While temperatures below 0° C can be expected, the variation in percipitation in December and the beginning of January may have a negative impact on the snow conditions. Thanks to artificial snow production and snowfarming, the track in the stadium gets usually prepared at the beginning of November. Track quality may thus vary between inside the stadium and outside under scarce snow conditions.


Be aware that weather conditions on competition day can change quickly due to the mountainous location and clothe accordingly.


Previous Map

You can download the baseline map from ESOC 2015 here:

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