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© Andrin Bieri

The 2024 FISU World University Championship Ski Orienteering is a small event. The organisation of high-level international sports events - especially those under the stewardship of international federations such as FISU -  still require extensive financing and a lot of ressources. We believe that the celebration of our sport and the peaceful and respectful coming-together of all participating nations are worth this effort. At the same time we aim at making the 2024 FISU World University Championship Ski Orienteering ecologically sustainable as good as we can. We are working hard to bring you exciting and fair competetitions. As this is the focus of our work and all our finances go into achieving this, sustainability has to take a backseat for now.


As our sports is highly dependent on snow conditions, and thus on the climate, we however encourage you to support us in reducing the impact we are having on the environment as much as possible. This includes

- travelling by train where feasable

- choosing vegetarian food more often

- recycling

- extinguishing the lights when you leave the room

- speak out about your efforts

We support your personal efforts by arranging most transports by public transports or comparable means of transport and serving regional and seasonal food at your accomodations. After the event we aim at producing a report where we estimate the environmental impact we've had, also for other small high-level sports events to improve on our result.

Finally we shouldn't forget that as a small sport we already have a rather small impact and that we do not posess a lot of leverage when it comes to changing the way event organisers, athletes and finally society goes about doing things. Making sure that the 2024 FISU World University Championship meets the highest technical standards is thus our priority.

Enjoy the outdoors and respect nature!

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